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elegant & sumptuous living areas...

luxury & romantic bedrooms...

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Residential Property

Our aim is to create interiors that are visually harmonious and deliver an expression of the personalities of the occupants. We ensure that we understand our clients needs, so that each design is a true reflection of our clients lifestyle. Within this framework we bring to bear our expertise in matching styles, furniture, fabrics, and colour.


Commercial Property

In the case of our commercial clients we take every effort to understand your business model, your product/services and your target markets. The information we glean from client discussions in addition to product and location based research that we carry out allows us to then make value added suggestions to our clients.


Boutique Store

Urban Yuppi is our boutique home décor store with a stunning selection of local and international luxury sourced home décor and gifts.  We have an extensive fabric library with ordering service and its also used as our showroom for both Katie Allen Décor & Design and Pure Wood Furniture.

Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Business Owner / Interior Decorator

Katie Allen is a highly intelligent creative woman from the UK, whose wealth of interior design/decorating knowledge and experience will be an absolute joy to experience. Always a good listener to her clients tastes and requirements, she will surprise you with her flair for customer satisfaction.